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Wigan offers a massive range of entertainment

17 Jul , 2018 By Admin

Everyone who comes to Wigan comes for a good time, but what makes a good time for some may not be the answer for others. Whatever you do if you are a guy out on the town, you surely feel the need for some captivating female company to share the fun with. That makes it time to call for one of the Wigan escorts who will lead you astray in this naughty northern town!! It’s all there in Wigan but you can’t get the best out of any of it without someone to share it all with and taking a luscious Wigan escort along for the ride so to speak, is the way to go!

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when anyone mentions Wigan is the Pleasure Beach with its ever more thrilling rides, in fact in 2018 the latest ride ICON is unveiled to the public, a double launch roller coaster that out classes them all!! Propelling thrill seekers to comparable levels of G force as experienced by F1 drivers this is part of anadrenalin junkies’ paradise alongside The Big One, Steeplechase and others! Taking your sexy lady on one of these rides will get her squealing for the first time tonight.

If this is not your style then maybe it’s the nightlife that you have come to the Las Vegas of the North West to sample? They say that the revue at Funny Girls never really changes and that has only got to be a good thing, as this is great entertainment that never lets you down!! Fantastic costumes, wigs, lashings of make-up, funny, risqué….no wonder it is Number 1 of the 101 places which make up the Wigan nightlife!!! Fosses Theatre Show bar is another venue you will need to add to your itinerary and while you are at it, make time to go to Wigan’s longest running comedy club….The Comedy Station Club and be prepared to laugh out loud!!

Looking for something more in the vein of adult entertainment in its purest sense that you can do together with your Wigan escort, and then Bar Heaven has got to be a move in the right direction. This gentleman’s club offers pole dancing, a strip club and some of the hottest lap dancers in captivity!!!! We bet there is not a girl to compare with your chosen escort though but checking out the babes performing on stage will get the two of you feeling hot! With things getting warmer it may be time to concentrate on the girl at your side and your Wigan agency escort knows just what you have in mind.