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Our Wigan Escorts Are Available For Hire At Industry-Standard Rates. Hire Now

As an agency, we always ensure that our models’ rates are as per industry standards.Whatever prices you find on your website consist of zero hidden charges. If at all some charges are added, it will be mentioned before-hand and not the other way round.

We like keeping our operations and rates as transparent as we can for our clients and whatever rates you find is the one you will pay. It’s pretty simple.

Situations Where Some Extra Charges May Apply:

  • If suppose our models serving as outcall, need to travel somewhere between 31 minutes to 45 mins, then an extra £10 will add to our usual £120.
  • Similarly in case the travel time is over 46 mins to an hour, then £20 will add up as extra and the price you will need to pay will be £140.

(Mind you, all this is meant for 1 hour outcall services. Travelling time which is within half an hour will incur no extra costs)

Packages Vary As Per Model Profile:

  • We expect you to know that package rates will differ as per different escort profile.
  • Plus we also hope you understand that these rates are fixed and don’t have any scope of negotiation.

The reason being, our escorts are refined ladies and tweaking their rates will mean an insult to their skills.

So now you know about our rates, pick up your phone and dial the number present below.

Escorts Rates

For a1 Hour Outcalls visit within 30 minutes of our base in the centre of Manchester NO ADDED CHARGES APPLY making our price £120

For a 1 Hour Outcalls visit where the travel time is between 31 to 45 minutes of our base in the centre of Manchester a £10 added travel charge applies. Making a total price of £130

For a 1 Hour Outcalls visit where the travel time is between 46 minutes and 1 hour of our base in the centre of Manchester a:£20 added travel charge applies . Making a total price of £140.


An appointment at the escort’s apartment, you will be travelling to your chosen UK escort to meet her at her beautiful home


The escort will come to visit you, depending on your location there may be a small taxi fare charge. To have an escort visit your London hotel we will need the hotel name, your full name and your room number. For a home visit we will need your full name, your full address and a land line telephone number. If you are callng from your hotel room phone the chances are your number will display on our system as “unknown” or “withheld” which we will not answer, if this is the case then please leave a message with all of your details and one of the team will get back to you ASAP