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3 Top-Rated Durham Tourist Attractions

The old center of Durham, with its magnificent cathedral perched high above the River Wear, is a never-to-be-forgotten sight. At present, Durham is one of the most explored of England’s numerous gorgeous cities & features a lot of fun things to see and do, from discovering its historic architecture to dinning at its fine eateries, and also shopping in locations like the renowned Indoor Market.

Take your love to the Durham Cathedral:

Durham Cathedral is popular for its wonderful British Romanesque-style architecture. Whether approached from the narrow streets of the Old City across Palace Green or from the banks of the River Wear over Prebends Bridge, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is truly mesmerizing.

Durham Cathedral

Durham Castle:

Constructed in 1072 as a citadel by the Earl of Northumberland, Durham Castle is also a part of the Durham UNESCO World Heritage Site. This famous castle is also home to University College, the founding college of Durham University, alongside more than 100 students who resides here, making this a really exclusive building with over 900 years of living history.

Durham Castle

Durham University Botanic Garden:

Engaging a 25 acre location just south of Durham, Durham University Botanic Garden certainly deserves a visit. Apart from its numerous year-round events and programs, the garden’s remarkable glasshouses are also worth checking out that includes a collection of tropical rainforest plants, desert plants, and more familiar plants from the Mediterranean.


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