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What Makes You Hot Among Girls Almost Immediately?

23 Sep , 2017 By Admin

Just like men, women too want a guy who’s going to take her breath away. But to be a genuinely hot man, you need to be the absolute package.

Put on your khakis: It is not that we don’t like your jeans, it’s just that sometimes we love something a bit more formal. Putting on a cool pair of khaki pant with slit pockets & tapered bootlegs is an instant turn on for any women around there.

Play an instrument: The great news is it’s never too late to learn to thrum the guitar or turn your finger across the ivory keys. Trust me playing a guitar or other identical instrument will make you sexy even if you’re actually not.

Try to be a gentleman: There’s nothing more appealing than a man who’s respectful to ladies. The hot men are the ones who open the door for us, pull out the chair for us, and order for us when really don’t know what to pick.

Fitness is a must: The reality is that we check your entire body just as much as you’re checking ours. That does not entail we all are looking for a meathead, it entails that we wish you to make the most of your God-gifted body. Being fit an immediate turn on for most of the girls out there.